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Leeza Baric

"You have no idea what you've done to me!!!!! I haven"t been able to sleep! I used to be a calm, mild mannered person, full of ideas but often lacking in motivation and energy. Since your event my mind is ablaze and I want to do it all now!!!
It has been a childhood dream of mine to tell stories to inspire, entertain and help people. That's my mission in life. For twenty years my work has suffocated inside the locked walls of my filing cabinet, until now when I realised I just had to go for it!"

The proud author of 3 published books: Wobbly Woman; The Boy Who Refused to Sing; and Tall Tales

Meg Caraher

"The day after the course finished I dashed off a proposal to a publisher for a non-fiction project and it got the green light!!! Can't get much more instant than that!"

Now the Author of 4 books: Second Story Sally; Blueberry Pancakes; Sudden Secrets; and Scritch Scratch
Julie Walsh
"I got an enormous amount out of the program. When I started, I had my book title and chapter topics only. Now, two weeks later, I'm nearly finished writing the book and have been checking out the printing side of things. I also have my .com domain name and a plan of the first few products I can put on it. Another week and I'll be sending it off to my editor!"

Discover how to Write, Publish and Sell Your Book This Year!

Here's What You'll Get:

  • Life-time Access to the entire Millionaire Author Secrets program 12 Modules covering EVERYTHING you need to know about how to write, publish and sell your book - no ongoing fees.
  • Private Membership access where you'll discover everything you need to write your book, get your book published and out into the world, also how to transform your book into a course and even create an entire business
    *Payment plan
     - Modules released each week
Join NOW and get up to $2350 of BONUSES
  • ​BONUS #1
    4 Powerful Masterclasses
    ($397 value)
    Proven Secrts for Creating a Storm of Publicity - insider secrets from one of the world's leading publicists
    From Broke to Millionaire Author - how one idea (and an old one at that) transformed her life.
    Multiple Books and Millions of Dollars - a self-published author shares her insider secrets to creating a fun and rewarding book business.
    Get Your Book in Thousands of Libraries - make more money from your book with this simple strategy.
  • ​BONUS # 2
    Powerful Author Success Processes
    - Allow the Universe to support you to success. You'll have access to a guided visualization and affirmations to get into the flow and allow the divine to guide you to take the easiest path to manifest your author success ($37 value)
  • ​BONUS #3
    Million Dollar Author Connections
    - save yourself time and money with my publishing industry contacts and insider connections (priceless)
  • Instant Access to the Entire Course - you can go through as quickly as you want
  • Bestseller Secrets MasterClass - discover how to get others to sell thousands of copies of your book
  • Secrets to Making Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars from a Book you DON'T Write - get access to this Masterclass and step by step process for YOU to follow!
Life-time Access to Millionaire Author Secrets Valued at over USD$1997
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Denise DT - Lucky Bitch

"I've written two books and used your course to do them. That first book got me a lot of speaking engagements which then got me more coaching clients. My business is completely different from that first $200 a month, it's now a really successful multi-six figure [now 7 figure] business. And it just brings me so much satisfaction and joy"

Danette Hibberd

"From having an accident and breaking my spine in 3 places and being in the depths of despair (attempting suicide a number of times but obviously not very good at it) I discovered you. Since then I have published three books as well as contributing to one of your compilation books. I have my own website, write a column for a magazine as well as being featured as an 'online expert' for a number of women's sites and inspire women to create the life they love. My life has been turned around a full 180 degrees in less than twelve months. For that, I am grateful"

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