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It's Time to Write, Publish and Sell Your Book the EASY way!
I've used my book to create an online empire! 
I went from unknown, to:
  A bestselling author who's been invited as a guest on hundreds of podcasts and webinars
Been interviewed by the media around the world
Had people buy my higher end products and programs
Had my book translated into over 10 languages. 
Went from welfare to millionaire...
And a book was the catalyst for this massive expansion!

I know a book will transform your business and your life, so let me share ALL my secrets on how to write, publish and sell your book and turn it in a business that brings you new clients, customers and income year after year
for the rest of your life!

Now is the time to say YES! Join Millionaire Author Secrets and Discover how to Write, Publish and Sell Your book
Here's What You'll Get...
Millionaire Author Secrets Program
In this powerful 12 Module Online Course  You'll Discover:
  • Module 1: Author Success Strategies
  • Module 2: Achieve Instant Credibility; Be Seen as the Expert
  • Module 3: 10 Ways to Write Your Book FAST Pt 1
  •  Module 4:  10 Ways to Write Your Book FAST Pt 2
  •  Module 5: Titles, Topics and Content; How to Make Sure it's a Bestseller
  • ​ Module 6: Self Publishing Success Secrets
  •  Module 7: How to Land a Publishing Deal
  •  Module 8:  How to Publish Your Book without Spending Your Own Money
  •  Module 9:  Multiple Streams of Book Income
  •  Module 10: No and Low Cost Book Marketing Strategies Pt 1
  •  Module 11: No and Low Cost Book Marketing Strategies Pt 2
  •  Module 12:  Your Next Steps to Success
  •  I'm here to help you create an entire BUSINESS from your book.
  •  AND... Over $2000 worth of amazing bonuses
"I've written two books and used your course to do them. That first book got me a lot of speaking engagements which then got me more coaching clients. Now my business is completely different from that first $200 a month. It's now a really successful multi-six figure [now 7 figure] business. And it just brings me so much satisfaction and joy"     Denise DT - Lucky Bitch
Module 1
Author Success Strategies
Discover strategies to allow you to become a successful author so much easier.
  • ​ What 99% of authors don't know
  • ​  How being a published author will change your life
  • ​How to develop the mindset of a successful author
  • ​The power of uncovering why you want to become an author
  • ​How to connect to your vision so you live your vision
Module 2
Achieve Instant Credibility and
be Seen as THE Expert
Discover the amazing difference become a published author will make in your business and life and how to  capitalize on the opportunities that come your way

  • 7 mistakes new authors make, and how to avoid them
  • ​How to expand on opportunities that come your way
  • ​How to be known as the expert in your field or niche
  • ​How to leverage your exposure
  • ​Why you want to create a media frenzy over your book
  • ​ How to meet the rich and famous (and how to turn it into business profits)
"You have no idea what you've done to me!!!!! I haven"t been able to sleep! I used to be a calm, mild mannered person, full of ideas but often lacking in motivation and energy. Since Millionaire Author Secrets, my mind is ablaze and I want to do it all now!!!
It has been a childhood dream of mine to tell stories to inspire, entertain and help people. That's my mission in life. For twenty years my work has suffocated inside the locked walls of my filing cabinet, until early this year when I realised I just had to go for it!" 

Leeza is now the proud author of 3 published books: Wobbly Woman; The Boy Who Refused to Sing; and Tall Tales
Module 3
10 Ways to Create your Book FAST
Are you stuck writing your first (or 2nd) book?  Have you only got an idea and nothing more?  This is the session for you.
  • Top reasons people don't write their book and how to break through them
  • ​What to do if you don't even know where to start
  • ​How to find the time to write (even if you are super busy)
  • ​How to make the writing process easy
  • ​A secret weapon to make your writing flow
  • ​The BEST thing you can do when writing your book (this makes the whole process  super simple and fast)
  • What you should NOT do as your writing (it stops everything)
  • The common block that hold writers back and how to dissolve it
  • How to set your writing schedule
  • How to get your book written without lifting a finger (this is amazing!)
  • How to find existing material to turn into a book
  • An amazing fact every author should know
  • Where to find information you can instantly turn into profitable books
  • How Sandy's first product was from someone else's material
  • Secret ways to get material for your book which can save you thousands of dollars  and hundreds of hours
  • ​How to structure your book - the 7 most important components
  •  Long chapters or short - what's best?
  • ​Why 'window shopping' can speed up your project
  • ​Tips to get your book written fast
  • ​Templates for writing a fiction and a non-fiction book
  • ​How to stop the overwhelm and start to get your book written
  • ​The exact step by step process I used to write my book in months (rather than years)
  • ​How to get Your book written FOR you and make it a bestseller!
Module 4
Titles, Topics and Content; How to Make Sure it's a Bestseller BEFORE you write a word
Why spend weeks, months or even years on your book project, only to find you're the only one interested in the topic.  Discover how to make sure you're on the right path to success
  • ​ Why you should write about your passion
  • ​  What are credentials or experience; and why you must have one or the other (and if  you don't, how to get it)
  • ​What are the bestselling topics around the world
  • ​ Should you broadly or tightly focus on your subject?
  • ​ Tips for creating a winning title
  • ​How to make sure your book stands out in the bookstore
  • ​How to determine if there's a market for your book
  • ​Why changing just a few words can make you thousands of dollars more
  • ​The ideal length for your title (too long and it loses impact)
  • ​What to put in your book and what you should leave out
  • ​Examples of riveting titles
  • ​How to make sure your title is fresh and new (not old and used)
  • ​Why feedback for your title is vital and how to easily get it
  •  What not to do when choosing your topic (or you'll fail)
  • ​How to make sure you're energetically aligned with success
Module 5
Self Publishing Success Secrets
Not sure whether to self-publish or not?  You'll be crystal clear on the advantages and disadvantages as I reveal the pros and cons of a self publishing journey
  • ​Why self publishing can make you more money
  • ​What you have to do if going it alone
  • ​ The exact steps to self publishing success
  • ​ Why choosing your editor can make or break your book
  • ​What to ask an editor to do which will save you masses of time
  • ​Who does what in the creation of your book
  • ​What are the 3 most important factors to your book buyers
  • ​What to make sure the 'inside' of your book is appealing
  • ​ What are the different book finishes and why getting the wrong one can stop sales in an instant
  • ​Do you need an agent, and where to get one
  • ​What are foreign rights and who negotiates them
  • ​How to find a company to fulfill orders
  • ​What is a Distributor and how to get one that's right for you
  • ​How to get bookstores to buy your book
  • ​Checklist with the breakdown of costs for your book project from start to finish
  • ​How much profit can you make per book
  • ​ How to print only what's needed (and spend very little money)
"I got an enormous amount out of the program. When I started, I had my book title and chapter topics only. Now, two weeks later, I'm nearly finished writing the book and have been checking out the printing side of things. I also have my .com domain name and a plan of the first few products I can put on it. Another week and I'll be sending it off to my editor!"             Julie Walsh
Module 6
How to Land a Publishing Deal
Discover the pros and cons of getting a publisher to take on your book.
  • Why a publishing deal is so good
  • ​Exactly what a publisher can do for you (and what they can't)
  • ​How to get in front of the worlds leading Self-Help Publisher 
  • ​What publishers are really interested in (it's not what you think)
  •  What is a royalty and what can you expect
  • ​Exactly how much money can you make with a publisher
  • ​ What is an advance and typical examples
  • ​What happens if your publisher doesn't stick to the contract
  • ​Exactly who do you need to talk to if you want a publisher
  • ​Where to find the right people to seal the deal
  • ​ Why sending your book to a publisher could be the worst thing you do
  • ​How to find a publisher that is right for you
  • ​How to make sure you don't sign your life (and book) away
  • ​ How to submit to a publisher (if you don't know this, it could be all over before you begin)
Module 7
How to Publish Your Book
Without Spending Your Own Money
In this enlightening session, I share a combination of no cost and low cost ways to get your book published without using any of your own cash

  • ​ What is the most inexpensive book to create
  • ​Which books have the highest profit potential
  • ​The exact process so people pay you to print your book
  • ​How to make 100% profit from your book - starting immediately
  • ​What are joint ventures and how you can benefit
  • ​ How to be a co-author (and how it can massively catapult your success)
  • ​The easiest, fastest and least expensive way to become a published author
  • ​ How to get your name in front of over 300 million potential customers
  • ​ Let someone else organize world-wide distribution
  • ​Become a published author in less time and with less fuss
Module 8
Multiple Streams of Book Income
How an 'Infopreneur' Makes Tons of Money
I've successfully taken my book and created a 7 figure business. 
In this information packed session I'll share exactly how I did it, and how it's possible for you too!

  • ​ What exactly is an 'infopreneur' and why you MUST be one
  • ​Where you'll make the most money as an author
  •  What is a back end and why you want a big one
  • ​ How to make $100,000+ every year from your book
  • ​What are information products and how to create them
  • ​Over 24 different revenue streams from the ONE book
  • ​What is the thud factor, and how it can make you more money
  • ​Why you should have both physical and digital products
  • ​How to instantly double your profits (with the same information)
  • ​ What is a Marketing Funnel and how to create yours
  • ​How free products can make you money
  • ​How to determine who your easiest customers are
  • ​ How to make a sale, even if the customer initially said no
  • ​Brainstorming products YOU can create
"The day after the course finished I dashed off a proposal to a publisher for a non-fiction project and it got the green light!!! Can't get much more instant than that!"

Meg Caraher - Now the Author of 4 books: Second Story Sally; Blueberry Pancakes; Sudden Secrets; and Scritch Scratch
Module 9
Low and No Cost Book Marketing Strategies
to Create Super Success
One of my passions is marketing (on the cheap) and in this information packed session you'll discover every tip, idea, strategy and resource I've used to create my own success.

  • ​ Why you need to know the difference between PR and Marketing
  • ​How to use the internet to sell thousands of books
  • ​What's the best off line (and free) strategy to create sales
  • ​ What to do at every event you attend to generate massive interest
  • How to create your own PR opportunities
  • ​ A simple strategy that puts you in front of millions of your target market
  • ​How to get magazines writing about your book
  • ​What you MUST have in every single article
  • ​How entering awards can catapult your success
  • ​ Why creating a media friendly book will get you more exposure
  • ​How to sell 10's if not 100's of thousands of your book - to one person
  • ​What are special sales and how they can help you 
  • ​ The best online marketing strategies
  • ​ What is viral marketing and why you MUST incorporate it into your business
  • ​The 100% free strategy that takes seconds to implement
  • ​What you should do EVERY time you send an email
  • ​ Why you want to give and get testimonials at every opportunity (and how to   leverage them for success)
  • ​How to make sales over the phone (it's not what you think!)
  • ​How to list on the worlds largest bookstore
  • ​How do you become a bestseller overnight?
  • ​Why you need an online Media Kit and what to put in it
  • ​The one thing that is VITAL for your business success (without it you're missing out on hundreds of thousands of dollars)
  • ​Why having a list (or database of people) is the secret to your success
  • ​Why you should totally automate your business
  • ​ How to find others to help you grow your business
  • ​What is the recipe for success
PLUS when you purchase
Millionaire Success Secrets
you'll receive these
Special Bonuses ...
The bonuses below alone  will save you a ton of time and money and inspire you to see what is possible for you and your book!
Valued at up to $2395
Proven Secrets for Creating a
Storm of Publicity
Learn insider tips from a publicist to many of the world's most famous authors.  Arielle's bestselling clients have included:
  • Deepak Chopra
  • ​Gary Zukav
  • ​Neale Donald Walsch
  • ​Wayne Dyer
  • ​Jack Canfield
  • ​Marianne Williamson and many others
Valued at $97
From Broke to
Millionaire Author
After Rachael's travel agency business suffered a massive downturn from 911 and the Bali bombings, she closed the doors with massive debt.   A friend then shared an idea that changed her entire life, and it wasn't even a new idea!
  • ​How one idea turned into millions of dollars
  • ​Why putting your own spin on a book that has been done thousands of time can be the start of something big
  • ​How she went from unknown, to millionaire with her own TV show and app in less than 18 months
Valued at $97
Multiple Books
and Millions of Dollars
Listen to one of Australia's most successful female self-published authors as she shares her secrets to creating a fun, profitable and successful business.
  • ​How she built a multi-million dollar book business from scratch
  • ​How to take your biggest challenge and turn it into a massive success
  • ​How to sell thousands of books to a store you may have previously overlooked
Valued at $97
Get Your Book in thousands of Libraries
Learn how to get MORE money for your book in a simple strategy that can get you in front of even MORE people

  • ​Learn the insider secrets from someone who has sold almost 1 million books to libraries alone
  • ​Get 8 x more from selling to libraries than you would from Amazon
  • ​How to make more money from the exact same information in your book - its all in how you present it
  • ​Insider secrets for getting your book into libraries
Valued at $97
Extra Bonus
Access to my Million Dollar Author Connections
You'll get all my publishing industry contacts and insider experts details.

Editors, Typesetters, Book Shepard, Proof Readers, Graphic Designers, Printers, Publishers, Agents and so much more. You'll get a full checklist of what to do every step of the writing, publishing and selling journey. This alone will save you tens of thousands of dollars and months of wasted time. This information is priceless!
Valued at $447
BestSeller Secrets Mini Course
If you pay in full, you'll discover the exact steps I took to turn my book into a bestseller which allowed me to build an entire business around it

You'll discover:

How I built a waiting list of people hungry to purchase
Got so many people excited to buy and share my book
Got OTHER people to promote my book for me
Made over $100,000 of sales in the first month
What I did to leverage TONS of media, interviews and publicity

I'll give you:

The sales page copy
The exact emails I sent out
The hour by hour actions taken
Screenshots of the entire process
Copies of the press releases and so much more!
Valued at $497
How to Make Hundreds of Thousands of $'s
from a book you don't even write

The secret to making a LOT of money fast, is with a multi-authored book - if I can do it YOU can too!
I've contributed to or published  over 15 multi-authored books.
My first was back in 2002 when I wrote a chapter for a book, and my most recent was a book my company published which Oprah contributed a chapter to.

I've made all the mistakes, and now know all the right steps to make YOUR multi-authored  book a great success!

You'll discover:
What a multi-authored book is
How to get famous people to contribute to your book
How to create different pricing levels and packages from $997 - $4997 and how to get people excited and buying at ALL levels
How to find the perfect editor, typesetter and cover designer (and I'll give you MY contacts)
And SOOO much more.  This is the fastest way to make $ from a book, but also the one with the most complications if you don't know what you're doing.  Let me give you the step by step plan!

Valued at $997
Get Instant Access to
Millionaire Author Secrets
PLUS up to $2395 of Bonuses
Valued at $5997
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